Moveable Hoophouse

Shed Rendering

Community Garden Shed



Completed Projects

Completed Projects



Projects that we are currently seeking funding for are listed below.  Please note that donations made directly to Sustainable Aquidneck can not be deducted this year. We are working on our 501(c)(3) status, and once it is approved all contributions you have made will be retroactively deductible.

If it is important that your contribution be deductible this year, you can do this through our fiscal sponsor, Social Enterprise Greenhouse (formerly SVPRI). If you want to direct the donation to a specific area, put that in the MEMO field of your check.

Make the check out to: SVPRI – Sustainable Aquidneck Project

and mail it to:

SE Greenhouse
Attn: Steve Lutterbeck 
460 Harris Ave # 303
Providence RI 02909



Moveable Hoophouse – $3,500 Needed

Another future project at Island Community Farms is to erect our moveable hoophouse.  We have acquired a used greenhouse and now need to add a “Rolling Thunder” kit to turn it into a two-station moveable hoophouse like the ones used by Eliot Coleman and Roots Farm in Tiverton. We also need to order a replacement plastic covering and make a few alterations to the end walls.  Our estimates are that this will take approximately $3,500 and several weekends to accomplish.
Rolling Thunder Hoophouse


The Community Garden Shed will be the hub of activity at the farm.  It will provide storage for tools and equipment, a small office for keeping farm records, a shady place to wash vegetables and a covered area with a picnic table for gatherings, meals, prepping produce and everything else that is better done in fresh air and under shade.  We are still in the planning phase of this project, developing specs, estimates, pricing, and applying for grants.

Shed Rendering


Wish List

Between Island Community Farms and our Composting incubation project, there are some items we could always use more of:

  • Garden tools – rakes, shovels, trowels, forks, hoes, watering cans, etc
  • Wheelbarrows or garden carts, or a trailer for compost pickups
  • Cardboard – we use this as sheet mulch to smother weeds before planting in areas we don’t want to till – we’re not always collecting, and don’t have a place to store large quantities, so please check before dropping it off that we’re in active gathering mode
  • Power tools – If you have a tiller, brush mower or other power equipment that you’re no longer using and would like to get rid of, please, let us know!
  • Planks or boards for raised beds – Untreated wood only, please. Cedar or other rot-resistant wood preferred!
  • Barn doors, decking, or windows for the shed – We would like to build our shed with reclaimed materials if possible, so we are looking for 3 small to medium sized barn doors, several windows and about 400 square feet of deck planking

Solar Well Pump and Irrigation System – Funding Complete!

Our first priority on the farm is to install a solar-powered well pump to provide water to the entire property, and to install irrigation lines and drip tape to distribute the water to the seeds and plants. Thanks to all of your support, we have raised the money for this system and have installed the panels and underground irrigation lines.


Tractor – Funding Complete!

Our next highest priority for this season is to purchase a tractor to help with some of the chores on the farm.  The composting operation is already scaling up to the point where it becomes difficult to manage the piles with hand tools, so we need a front-loader.  To control weeds and manage cover crops, we need a brush mower.  And of course, we just need a tractor for tilling and working the soil. Thanks to your support, we have acquired a reliable tractor with frontloader and brush mower attachments.

Our New Tractor