Food Forest Adopt-a-Tree @ Green End

In 2016 we are piloting a new growing program at Island Community Farms @ Green End.  The Adopt-a-Tree program will help us to properly maintain and nourish the Permaculture Food Forest in the SW corner of the property.  There is no fee for growing in the open spaces of the Food Forest – the right to grow is granted in exchange for your help in maintaining the area around your tree in the forest. Tax deductible donations as always are welcome and will be used to purchase additional perennial plants and trees to replace those lost to herbivores and hard winters, or to continue fulfilling the plan design for the forest.

In exchange for growing in the open spaces of your plot, it would be your responsibility to mulch, compost, prune and otherwise maintain the existing perennials in your plot, manage the groundcover and weeds in that area.  The forest managers (, , and Eddie Paradise) will help you to identify the perennials growing in your plot, and with weed identification – not all weeds are bad for the soil, some are beneficial, so it is important to know thy enemies from thy friends.

Below are links to the 2016 Adopt-a-Tree program application, and our Lease with the Land Trust.

2016 Green End Food Forest Adoption Application

SA – 3S Lease

For more information please contact  via or at 401-374-1853.