On May 4, 2013, we will be out at Island Community Farms planting vegetables on Sustainable Aquidneck’s plot.  Come out and enjoy the beautiful spring ritual of planting seeds and plants into the earth to nourish us all.  We will start at 10am and continue until we are done, rain or shine.  In case only of torrential downpour, hail and nasty, lashing wind, we will plant on Sunday, May 5th.  Some tools are available, but if you have them, please bring your own hand rakes, trowels and kneelers. For more information, contact Meredith Spitalnik at .

Between Island Community Farms and our Composting incubation project, there are some items we could always use more of:

  • Garden tools – rakes, shovels, trowels, forks, hoes, watering cans, etc
  • Wheelbarrows or garden carts, or a trailer for compost pickups
  • Cardboard – we use this as sheet mulch to smother weeds before planting in areas we don’t want to till – we’re not always collecting, and don’t have a place to store large quantities, so please check before dropping it off that we’re in active gathering mode
  • Power tools – If you have a tiller, brush mower or other power equipment that you’re no longer using and would like to get rid of, please, let us know!
  • Planks or boards for raised beds – Untreated wood only, please. Cedar or other rot-resistant wood preferred!
  • Barn doors, decking, or windows for the shed – We would like to build our shed with reclaimed materials if possible, so we are looking for 3 small to medium sized barn doors, several windows and about 400 square feet of deck planking